Bluebell Falls | Spotlight Sunday

Welcome back to Spotlight Sunday! This week we’re shining the light on a food producer from  Co.Cork. Introducing Bluebell Falls!!! Bluebell Falls is 100% Irish hand made artisan cheese. We met Victor O’Sullivan at a charity event in Limerick (Clare’s Wish Foundation) and picked up three of the choices available. Victor was very knowledgeable and passionate about his products. We bought

Soft Goats Cheese with Cranberry

Soft Goats Cheese with Pepper, Mixed Herbs & Garlic

Soft Goats Cheese with Honey, Garlic & Thyme

Here’s how we got on…


Here’s what Victor says on his website about the benefits of eating and using Goats Cheese in your cooking:

“It’s so Healthy!

 Half the fat, double the protein

Goats cheese is not only half the fat but also double the protein, when compared to cows milk!

Low in salt
It also contains less than 1% of salt.

Rich in minerals & vitamins
Goat’s milk is richer in essential nutrients vitamin A, vitamin B, riboflavin, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium.

Easier to digest
Goat milk has less lactose and a slightly different protein structure than cow’s milk. These subtle shifts actually make a big difference: Even people who are allergic to cow’s milk can usually drink goat’s milk without issue.

Now that is what we call HEALTHY!”

We mixed the Soft Goats Cheese with Pepper, Mixed Herbs & Garlic with pasta as a  main meal and used the Soft Goats Cheese with Cranberry spread nice and thick on fresh bread.


Rating – The DEMC Food Scale!

Appearance –Fresh and creamy with obvious herbs and spices throughout. 4.5/5

Taste – Rich and creamy, nicely flavoured with the added herbs and spices. The flavour of the Goat’s Cheese itself was not too strong, and did not overpower the taste of the other ingredients. Sometimes there can be a sour tang from Goats Cheese which can be quite bitter and unpleasant, but not this cheese! The pepper was slightly strong in the Soft Goats Cheese with Pepper, Mixed Herbs & Garlic but not too pungent.   4/5

Smell –  The cheeses have a distinctive, tart and earthy aroma to them with savoury notes of garlic and sweet notes of honey and cranberries. 4/5

Easy to Use – The cheeses when cooked with the pasta melted and mixed easily. As shown in the picture, the cheese cuts slices easily. It can be placed on top of freshly cut bread and served as a starter or placed on top of dishes as the main event! 4/5

Overall DEMC Food Rating is….  4.125 !!!

Why not check out these delicious cheeses, look at the website for where you can buy them!


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