Mission Statement

Helping food graduates, technical managers and food entrepreneurs grow in knowledge and expertise so that they can launch creative, innovative and legally compliant food products. Enabling people and businesses to realise their full potential, create and share their love of food by connecting creativity with quality food ingredients, structures and systems that produce exciting tasty food products that are great value for money.

“Creating a food safety culture together”

The food supply chain is becoming increasingly global and complex, with ingredients available from many more countries than ever before. How can you ensure that the ingredients you use are safe and authentic and that they are legally compliant to all legislative standards? Product integrity must be legally assured by all parts of the supply chain. If you are the grower, a primary processor, a broker or agent, food manufacturer or retailer, you must ensure that you know the origins of your ingredients, storage and handling conditions, any allergen contamination or cross contamination or other risks associated with that ingredient and whether it is safe for the final consumer to eat.

Compiling all the relevant and necessary information has become increasingly time consuming and a strain on technical resources in manufacturing companies. Demands from retailers, GFSI, Food Safety authorities can be difficult to meet when budgets are already being stretched. If your company is struggling to meet all of these demands, whether short on time or human resources, why not consider outsourcing some or all of these demands to DEMC Food Services? Trained food technologists that can work both onsite and offsite dependent on the services required as many retailer specification systems are internet based and can be accessed off site or through remote access.

“Our vision is to create a food safety culture,

contact us so that we can help you create yours.”