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DEMC Food Services is a company based in North Tipperary, Ireland but operating globally. Being passionate about creating great tasting, safe and authentic food that excites and tantalises the consumer, inspired me to start this company. Building trust between all the members of the food supply chain guarantees a healthier environment for innovation leads to a safer outcome for all.  This can be achieved by

  • Compliance to food legislation
  • Fully traceable cost affective ingredients
  • Using assured and certified suppliers
  • Testing and Monitoring incoming ingredients
  • Verifying standards and authenticity
  • Systems based approach
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Aids verification within quality management systems

With over twenty five years experience in various sectors of the food industry in Ireland,  and the UK,  DEMC Food Services can provide a range of specialised support services to food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and retailers.

  • We maintain confidential relationships with our clients based on mutual respect,trust and honesty.
  • We fill short term resource needs by providing qualified food technologists, who can fit into your technical team and provide support and help completing tasks so deadlines can be met.
  • We provide finished product and raw material specification formats which can be customised to meet individual client requirements.
  • We manage projects for new product development or cost/value reengineering of existing products.
  • We carry out internal audits for companies, Quality Management and ISO based systems to continually strive for improvement and add value.
  • We manage supply base information and all necessary documentation on behalf of customers.
  • We carry out allergen risk assessments and traceability checks on behalf of clients.

Working together, we can create and implement your food safety culture in your business. Please do not hesitate to give us a call.