Lisduff | Spotlight Sunday

Welcome back to Spotlight Sunday! This week we’re shining the light on a food producer from  Co.Tipperary. Introducing Lisduff!!! Lisduff is a traditional fine foods business. Their products range from sausages and rashers to puddings and bacon. We met them at Limerick’s Milk Market and picked up their Loin of bacon marinated in Caribbean sauce as well as their pork & leek grills. Here’s how we got on…


We set the oven too high  at the start, 180°C and then turned it down as we realised the plastic was burning. Then we did as the cooking instructions said and turned the oven down to to 140°C. We roasted the meat in the bag for 130 minutes in the oven. After wards, we removed the bag and this is what we were greeted with.


Rating – The DEMC Food Scale!

Appearance –As you can see from the photos,  the loin of bacon was succulent and full of delicious juices. The scoring on the top of the meat and the colour from the  sauce added to the aesthetics of the meat. Size was great! It could easily feed a family of four to five and have enough for sandwiches after.  4.5 /5

Taste – The loin of bacon tasted delicious, mouth watering, great flavour from the spices in the Caribbean sauce. The spices were not hot or harsh, with a pleasant tang.  Would recommend this to everyone to try! . 4.5 /5

Smell –  The Loin of Bacon had a strong aroma of herbs and spices and was quite porky.  4/5

Easy to Use – The Loin of Bacon has a cooking instruction to oven cook at 140C, I had set the oven too high and burnt the plastic. I feel that the packaging should state very clearly in bigger text not to go over that temperature. Although I did it wrong, I feel it was easy for me to do it wrong. However as a roast in the bag product, it was very clean and easy to handle in the raw state.  3.5/5

Overall DEMC Food Rating is….  4.125!!!


As for the Pork  & Leek Grills, we followed the instructions and sliced the meat thinly & grilled them for 3-4 minutes on each side! 8


Rating – The DEMC Food Scale!

Appearance – The pork and leek grills were slightly overcooked and looked a little dry, but they could easily have been cooked a little less and not been dry.  You need to vary the cooking instruction based on how thick or thin you cut the slice. 4 /5

Taste –  The pork and leek grills had a strong herby and porky flavour, a little overpowering. 3.5 /5

Smell –  The pork and leek grills were very strong and pretty herby.  3.5/5

Easy to Use – The grills were reasonably easy to slice but were quite sticky in the raw state. It is important to cut the slices to an even size as this does affect cooking times.  3.5/5

Overall DEMC Food Rating is…. 3.625 !!!

Have you tried anything from Lisduff?

Thanks for reading!

The DEMC FoodTeam

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