NutShed | Spotlight Sunday

Welcome back to Spotlight Sunday! This week we’re shining the light on a food producer from Limerick. Introducing NutShed!!! They sell nuts, seeds, fruit, superfoods, wholefoods, raw vegan and wholefood treats. We met them at Limerick’s Milk Market and tried out their beetroot brownies. We were very impressed with the staging of the stall in the milk market, there were lots of options of nuts and healthy cakes. Here’s how we got on..


They were put into a box for us to carry home, the box was a little too big and the brownies ended up sliding around & getting a little squashed! Nothing major but just something to note!

Rating – The DEMC Food Scale!

Appearance – The beetroot brownies looked extremely fresh, vibrant in colour and  very appeasing. 4/5

Taste – The eat was very moist, not too heavy and lingered in the mouth. The brownies may not be to everybody’s  taste, we would have expected them to be a little sweeter. 3/5

Smell – There wasn’t an overpowering aroma of chocolate or beetroot, slightly bland to the senses. 3/5

Easy to Use – Extremely easy to use, packaging was slightly too large and therefore difficult to carry home without squashing the product within. 3.5/5

Overall DEMC Food Rating is…. 3.375 !!!

Look forward to calling back to try other products.

Have you tried anything from Nutshed?

Find them on Twitter : @NutShed_

Thanks for reading!

The DEMC FoodTeam

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