Spotlight Sunday |The Galway Food Co.

Welcome back to Spotlight Sunday! This week we’re shining the light on a food producer from the west of Ireland. Introducing The Galway Food Co. They produce savoury biscuits in four different flavours, Seaweed, Lavender, Classic and Chocolate. We tried out their Seaweed and lavender flavoured biscuits, here’s what we thought….


We were quite impressed with the packaging. It was very easy to open up and take out the biscuits as well as being aesthetically pleasing. All the information on the back of the boxes were easy to read & understand. We also liked the fact that they have their website & social media on the packaging.





Rating – The DEMC Food Scale!

Appearance – The biscuits are housed in calming almost sedate packaging but ooze quality. The biscuits were uniform in shape with even colouring and plenty of Lavender and Seaweed dispersed throughout. 5/5

Taste –Well, what can we say, the Lavender biscuits were truly sublime and we were extremely disappointed when the pack was empty! The seaweed biscuits were interesting to say the least! A mixture of savoury, saltiness followed by a sweetness. Of the two, the Lavender was definitely the favourite, but these biscuits could sit comfortably at any table. 5/5

Smell – Sweet buttery aroma, notes of Lavender and Seaweed 4/5

Easy to Use – Open the packet and just eat! These biscuits however would be ideal used in desserts, with cream and fresh fruit, or the seaweed biscuit could easily grace the cheeseboard. 5/5

Overall DEMC Food Rating is…. 4.75  !!!

Have you tried any of The Galway Food Co. Biscuits?

Thanks for reading!

The DEMC FoodTeam

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