Welcome to DEMC Food Services

Hi it’s Donna,

Welcome to our blog! I am really excited to be launching this new blog which will give me a chance to talk about lots of different things. Things to expect from our blog are top trends, changes in the food industry, food safety, Irish food producers,  we will be blogging about any and all food festivals and events we attend along with sharing our tips and tricks and discussing some of my favourite foods.

There is so much information and legislation out there at the moment for food producers, it’s no wonder the final consumer can gets confused. We want to help create a food safety culture which ensures that people get the right information in the easiest and clearest way possible. Sometimes you have a question about food that you’ve bought and you don’t know who to ask, such as can I use a food after it’s use by date? What does best before really mean? Should I complain? If I have a complaint, what information does the food producer need in order to resolve the issue? We hope to give lots of practical advice and break down the barriers between consumer and producer!

We’ve a keen interest in finding out where our food comes from, we love to shop local and look for high quality products at the best price. As a company we provide quality and technical services to the food industry. We have over 28 years of experience and are really passionate about food safety! Check out our services section and see how we can help you. You can also follow us on social media for daily updates and some fun facts about food!

Thanks for reading, we hope you’ll enjoy our blog!

Creating a food safety culture together,


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